About us

Profus Management is one of the largest private companies in Poland. It has been caring out economic activities in the local and international markets for more than 40 years.

Mr. Marek Profus - President and CEO belongs to an elite few of the most reputable Polish businessmen. Consider the fact that the Polish Business Club and the prestigious monthly magazine BUSINESMAN honoured him with the “Business Man of the year, 1991”. In the year 2000 Mr. Marek Profus was awarded the title BUSINESSMAN OF THE LAST DECADE by Polish Business Club.

Profus Management was established in 1977 as the first service centre for Panasonic and Sony. As the market flourished, multiple service centres were established. Due to the success of the service centres mentioned above, Blaupunkt awarded Profus Management exclusivity for their product line, becoming their sole representative in Poland. Later Hirschmann (manufacturer of satellite antennas, alarm systems, cable TV equipment) also gave Profus Management exclusivity. Bosch (power tool manufacturer) approached Mr. Profus about distributing their product in Poland, and he did so, very successfully.

By the end of the eighties, Profus Management owned over 900 stores and service centres throughout Poland and warehouse in Poznań where goods were consigned (from Blaupunkt, Hirschmann and Bosch). There were 2,000 employees by this time. In 1992 and 1993 Mr. Profus divested himself of all the profitable service centres due to the fact that Polish government imposed 70% duties for the importation of electronic equipment and so legitimate business of this type could not survive.

Then a major trading entity (International Commodity Exchange) was established with trade offices in 33 countries. After one year the value of goods offered exceeded 1 billion USD. The next step was to enter the markets of the former Soviet Union. In a very short time several companies were established specializing in crude oil and oil generated products, as well as all types of metals and food. Profus Management also continued to invest in different companies throughout Europe, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Africa. Mr. Profus managed all the business from their headquarters in Warsaw, Poland.

In the beginning of 1992 Profus Management purchased two failing soccer magazine publications: weekly “Piłka Nożna and monthly “Piłka Nożna Plus”. Within six months they were turned into modern, colour publications, doubling the circulation. Though Polish football (soccer) was not very successful in the nineties, both publications attained circulation of 130.000 and have remained at this level. Both magazines successfully competed with similar ones within the same market.

At present Profus Management with its trade offices in 33 countries around the world is involved in trade of crude oil and oil products (LNG and LPG in particular), steel and steel products, aluminium, cement, construction materials, chemical products, fertilizers, food, medicine and other wide ranges of various products upon request. We are licensed by the Government of the Republic of Poland for trade in liquid fuels. Furthermore, Profus Management operates in power engineering and extractive industry.

Profus Management specializes first of all in trade in weapons, armaments and munitions, military, police and special forces equipment. Profus Management has all necessary permits and licences of Polish Government required to execute such type of trade. We are capable of delivering the complete units, aggregates, spare parts for all type of military forces: Airforce (aircrafts, helicopters engines), Navy (vessels, radars other type of navy special equipment) and Army (tanks, armoured vehicles, missiles, guns, machine guns, antiaircraft systems, etc.). In our offer we have main equipment, minor spares, assemblies and sub-assemblies. We can also perform repairs and overhauls as well as modernisation of military equipment – engines, aircrafts, helicopters, tanks etc.