Profus Management holds a license issued by Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration to perform business activities in the field of trade in explosives, weapons, armaments and munitions, military, police and special forces equipment.

The quality management system in the company Profus Management complies with the requirements of:

PN-EN ISO 9001:2009

· Trade in goods and services of strategic importance, as well as dual-use item: weapons, armaments and munitions, explosive, spare parts, military, police and special forces goods, their parts and technologies

· Export, intra-community transfer, brokering services, technical support, import, transit of goods, technologies and services of strategic importance in accordance with provisions of the Act of 29.11.2000 (Journal of Laws 2004, no 229, pos. 2315, as amended)
AQAP 2110:2009

Trade in weapons, armaments, and munitions, military, police and special forces equipment, spare parts and dual use products, implementing IT network and data security sysyems: consultations, preparation of projects, auditing, supervision of client’s systems, sale of hardware and software

Details of our company have been added to the National Database of Economic Entities and are available in a NATO Base of Economic Entities under No. NCAGE 1323H .

Profus Management also has a license to trade in liquid fuels .